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Men fled with a pillow smothering his girlfriend was arrested 13

1998 the evening of December 6,Moncler Men Vests, Wu Mougong to Lumou quarters. At this time, Lumou proposed to break up with him,moncler coats sales, and reprove him. Do not agree to break up Wu Mougong suddenly hear anger from the heart, hand grabbed the Lumou neck, and then picked up the pillow choke Lumou face, resulting in Lumou suffocation. After the incident, Wu Mougong Chenzheyese ran back home, 1,000 yuan in cash stolen from home, the night fled out. (End)
Lee hastened to the police, police rushed to the scene, Lumou dead, there is a clear imprint on the neck. After preliminary investigation, the deceased Lumou only 20 years old, is the village children Yeung Village, Qingyuan County Shouning people. Focus on crime by locking the police investigation and the alleged deceased boyfriend Wumou Gong (19 years old, rural Dai Yang Qingyuan County village, unemployed). May be after the incident,Moncler Vests sale, Wu Mougong like from disappeared.
According to Wu Mougong confession, the summer of 1996, he was still in high school and Lumou love. After graduation, Wu Mougong to Quanzhou to learn auto repair, Lumou in Shouning work-study, learn computer accounting. Second half of 1998, Lumou Shouning County computer training center in the working and living in the training center rental. Wu Mougong received a letter from his girlfriend,Moncler lovers vest, also returned to a street vendor Shouning living. Soon after the return to Shouning, Wu Mougong thinks that his girlfriend Lumou changed, and despise him not into school, but also earn money.

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as Subsequently, the police rushed Shouning Chendai Jinjiang, Jinjiang police assistance in the successful capture Wumou Gong.
The police hunt group sent several times, went to Hengyang, Hunan, Guangzhou,Moncler Kids Twinset Black, Shenzhen, Fujian Zhangzhou, Quanzhou and other places to arrest them, are nothing. In February 2001, police Wu Mougong Shouning as fugitives, Internet Reward. In the same year, Fujian Public Security Bureau in 2001 the province will Wumou Gong as one of the top ten Dubu fugitives.
police, December 7, 1998 morning, a computer training center owner Shouning Lee, as usual, went rental in Shouning ao Township of liberation Street houses the third floor computer training Center. Training Center to see the door still closed, Lee would knock on the door staff Lumou quarters, no one answered, with Lee on the spare key to open the door. Room scene suddenly shocked to Lee: Lumou pale female employees in bed.

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BEIJING, Oct. 19 Xinhua Ningde (Lisongzhanbing leaves Susu) 13 years ago, because his girlfriend to break, the 19-year-old man, Wu Mougong Shouning Fujian girlfriend with a pillow to suffocate in the quarters, then anonymity fled out. 19 Fujian police disclosure, recently Shouning police district in Jinjiang, Fujian, a site within the 13-year-old arrested fled the Wumou Gong.

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Zhonghua cigarettes trademark dispute case hearing today

Wang stone such as: The first reason I think it is a violation of trademark law trademark, it should be removed because the Chinese table, Tiananmen Square, China is actually three patterns should not be used for the toxic and hazardous food products. An important function of a trademark in addition to other marketing is creative. The second reason is actually the Chinese cigarettes are also in foreign countries, it is above the logo and domestic cigarettes is completely different,discount moncler coat, and overseas Chinese cigarettes are charred lungs, a pregnant woman is born a freak, then the cigarette can not be used for gifts. We all know that many cigarettes have become something of a gift is a corrupt society's problems. Looking back, outside the Chinese cigarettes are not gifts, foreign though it is impossible cigarette very cheap to buy cigarettes in foreign countries came to China to give as gifts. Domestic cigarettes can become a gift, the gift which is harmful to health and should not be. The third reason is that our country joined the United Nations 2006 Convention of the Organization,Moncler Men Vests, the Convention clearly inside the organization, among the pack of cigarettes a sign, suggesting that the main people do not smoke cigarettes, not smoking advocates people-based, two different trend. I think these three points against Trademark Committee,Cheap Moncler Women Short Coats, that will not be revoked this is obviously wrong.

for businesses has become a trademark is an intangible investment, but investors should pay attention to laws and regulations, of course, in the end, Wang Shi as more rational or more trademark Committee also then? There is more than an hour, today, 9:30, since this trademark dispute case in the Beijing Intermediate Court trial. Voice of China Correspondent Sun Ying will also be on site for your back to the latest reports, please continue.
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中广网 Beijing on October 19 news (reporter Ding Fei) The Voice of China This concern with the case, the plaintiff is a lawyer, such as Wang Shi, the defendant is the State Administration for Industry and the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board.

Wang stone such as: the possibility of winning tomorrow, I personally use a phrase Kuafuzhuiri, may not result in my favor. This is what I expected,Moncler Men Long Jackets, because of two reasons, the first cigarette after all it's fame too, it is a state-owned assets, and also a tax payer, but I think this is influential. As to who will later follow trade mark is certainly a warning to civil penalties I should feel no major significance, I do not want to be successful on this issue. But I think this issue you a prompt signal, how to look at the legal smoking culture is not being advocated,cheap Moncler Coats, the two are away from the thing.
the cause of this is that Wang stone as that trademark disputes on behalf of the country's image used in cigarettes, should be abolished. The Trademark Review and Adjudication Board make a decision is to maintain the disputed trade mark registration.

Reporter: tomorrow you feel, how big your chances of winning in the end?

correspondent: not subject to the initial decision, the reason you are charged in the end what?

Wang stone such as: If I was on this point, when many reporters wanted to interview me, I refused, because I do not want known, because I have an old man, I think this flag cigarettes increasingly more understanding of it, when I go abroad or back home, each one to see, with the exception of repeated Chinese cigarettes, for this reason also lies in this, to derive a culture, the culture in the national law does not make this culture possible range, smoking law but to protect this culture, this is a mistake.

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Wang Shi who disagrees, so in August 22 this year to prosecute, the case will be more than an hour after the trial. And 11:30 last night, he arrived at Beijing Capital Airport, off the plane the first time, such as the acceptance of China's Wang Shi Voice correspondent in an exclusive interview.
Reporter: there are a few trademark for many years, why do you choose to stand up? Some people say you are to become famous?


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